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Simply Blue Energy is bringing sustainable Marine Energy to the World.


Simply Blue Energy is currently engaged in a number of alternative energy projects around the globe.

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A brief introduction to Wave Energy, how it is harnessed and distributed.

Simply Blue Energy - Here to Make a Difference

Simply Blue Energy’s mission is to become the “Leading Blue Energy Provider” in the UK and Ireland.


SBE was established in Ireland with an objective of contributing to help Ireland overcome it’s energy dependence on imported fuels - 85% imported at a cost of Euro5.7Bn in 2014 and 88% at a cost of Euro Euro4.6Bn in 2015. Coupled with these facts the Irish Government are committed to 16% from renewable sources by 2020 which is expected to be achieved mostly from onshore wind, increasing to 27% by 2030.


Looking offshore, there is a vast, untapped natural energy resource with potential to make significant contributions to the UK and Ireland's energy needs. Recognising this, SBE has assembled an experienced executive board and team for the purposes of developing both floating offshore wind and wave energy farms. SBE has brought together a Board and executive team capable of overseeing the development and delivery of both these energy supply platforms.