Our Partners

Simply Blue Energy works with some of the most creative, best of breed partners in the Wave Energy Industry worldwide.

SEAI is part funding Simply Blue Energy’s current technology review project through the Prototype Development Fund.


Wave Hub logo

Wave Hub is Simply Blue Energy’s partner in its first Wave Energy Park off the coast of Cornwall.


BG Renewables

BG Renewables Ltd. has an extensive track record and knowledge across the renewable energy sector including solar, onshore wind, offshore wind and marine energies.


Wave Venture Logo

Wave Venture is a specialist wave energy consultant and software provider. Wave Venture is providing Simply Blue Energy advisory and analysis services on both the WaveHub and the Technology Review projects.


Marine Energy Pembrokeshire

MEP is a partnership between technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector working together to establish a wave energy development zone off the Pembrokeshire coast in the UK. SBE see the Pembrokeshire zone as a natural next step after WaveHub.

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